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Additive Element

Additive earth is Glamour. This is the element that will form another form over an existing form Make anything appear as something else. Try to focus the image over the image and give it your life force to make it happen. Think of the property of mind to enchant with and visualize the effect in the person or object. Then give of your life force to make it set with the word lock.

Additive lava is Energy Glamour. Use this in force craft as making a glamour permanent through Heat infusion. The Heat of this lava causes a permanent glamour change. This lava can only be used as force.

Additive fire is Energy. This is the manipulated force that will add to anything at your will or make an effect that you want to happen such as a force field. Amplify any effect that you want or spell. This is the guiding force of Force Craft and Jedi abilities.

Additive firewater is energy adaption. Energy of this sort adapts anything to mask items. One can cloak anything with this as it will change the nature of the object. Use this firewater to change the words on a written page as if it was never changed. One can change even a contract with the suble firewater energy. Another name is masking water.

Additive water is Adaptation. This water will cause literal instant acceptance of the situation and manipulation of the moment for the wielder. Use this as a force to get over problems that won't go away. Make the dissolution of nightmares and stress possible through understanding.

Additive Ice is Adaptive effects ice. This ice will cause effects that make the person accept the effect shown as natural if used in force craft Additive Ice will make the drinker of the drink with this ice in it adapt to any situation and accept any event of effect as natural.

Additive air is Effects. The air of effect is to make a moment happen When imagined the the effect of choice will appear as the caster wills. When the caster imagines the effect it will make a drawing of energy from the element represented.

The lightning formed by this air compressed is showy and deadly as its formed from force and compels if not killing. This is lightning formed by Effects air and Energy fire.

Additive Forcecraft is the full collaborative effect of all the Additive elements. The effect of Additive is to make effects of Forcecraft. Make any effect visible or invisible with force craft and use all the the other elements with it if you want. Forcecraft will pull the other elements into service.


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