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Diversive Elements

The diversive earth is aversion. Use of aversive actions is to do something rude or disruptive to make the threat go away. Thus the actions you don't won't to happen will be not done if the aversive behavior is done. Examples are to act out of phase or disrupt other people in small ways by being antisocial. Making activity around you impossible.

Avertive Diversion is the diverted lava. This is the lava that uses disruptive and diversive actions to make it work.

Diversion fire is the fire that distracts and makes getting near you difficult. To provide diversion is to make use of multiple tricks that put attention away from you. Use of these tricks are the main staples of diversion.

Hidden distraction is divertive firewater and makes long range distraction divert attentive eyes to aid your win. This firewater allows people to be unseeing of your activity even if upclose. Taking advantage of the moment is using this technique as you find what they dun look for. It is never seen as a distraction as this is also called unseen distraction firewater.

Water of diversity is distraction. The distraction techniques will make this element work. Use this technique to make enemies and people not see that one do things. The use of distraction includes using objects and traps set at certain times to attract attention not to oneself.

The ice of diversion is the ice of distractive displacement. Use this to displace any object or person to another place without notice.

Air is the air of displacement. This air can displace any object or person. Imagine the place to send it to and then imagine the object appearing at that place. This place can be in your hands or any other place.

Lightning from the air of displacement and energy fire is the moment of a dazzling light and a disappearing person or object. It seems like the person died or the object destroyed. In truth the caster put them somewhere of their own desires.

Diversity is all the elements in this group altogether. To use the diversity of the moment will make winning easy. Thieves and Assasins use diversity. Use these to great great effect.

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