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Negative elements are:

 The negative element of earth is void. Void is nothingness and negative of earth. You can use it to protect yourself by forming a barrier to absorb the energy cast at it or to attack with it. When used for attack it incinerates someone as it sucks the life out of the victim, leaving ashes. You can also remove certain properties of anything you'd want by the imagination of it being removed and using void.

 The negative element of fire is black fire which allows for instant incineration of anything you will it to touch. It's formed from fire and void. It also can resurrect someone or restore something you direct its energies at. Black fire can dispel the death of the person if focused on destroying the death.

 Waters negative element is black ice. Black ice melts at absolute zero and forms when elemental water heats up. Black ice is formed from union of ice and void. It is black in color and makes body parts disintegrate when touched. It can store unlimited spells if it can be harvested as force. It looks like constantly reforming black ice and draws its properties from void.

 Air's negative element is space. This is the physical representation of void. Space is infinite whereas air is contained. Space has vacuum which sucks a person dead as when air supports people on a planet. Compress space into energy and you get a warp field that can be turned into a black lightning effect or a Void Gate that can bring you anywhere. Only the worker can dispel his/her shield.

Black lightning incinerates when it hits a victim. It always hits and it never loses energy. Any energy cast at it only strengthens it and only the worker can dispel the workers attack of black lightning. This lightning comes from space and energy fire.

 Aether's negative element is ether. Ether is the spiritual element. Ask the spirits to guide you when using ether to always get the act desired. However where aether responds to your mind, Ether responds to imagination with feeling and is instant. Ether works with you as you desire. You can focus the spirits to aid in anything. This includes forming any object. If the spirits are angered,
they won't do anything at all. Always thank them afterwards. Ether is very similiar to aether as it too can influence void.

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