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Atlantean Circle Spells

These spells are ranked from easiest to hard. The circles are easy to hard from 1 to
15. The level is denoted within brackets.

Circle I (0)

liht = light
daz = (daze) make a person dazed
frosray = (frost-r-way) creates a ray of frost
resis = (read-assist-s) resistance to all energy and any mental assault
cuvemej = (cubic-very-me-j) cure minor wounds
virtu = (virus-t-turn) virtue gives the person a temporary boost in energy.
un = (rune) undoing or undying makes anything when saying undying or undoing itself in nature.

Circle II (1)

violekle = (violin-ek-ankle) burning hands
chakou = (ch-ach-ow) charm person or people
zywaas = (zip-waas) hold hand out and say words to blind group of hostiles
gres = (grease) make everything slippery or grease the ground
d-u = (d-use) identify objects
hemuward = (h-seam-use-war-d) mage armor protection
misil = (missile) magick missile
balmeditu ray = (bale-mead-bite-you r-way) negative energy ray
mentomo ward = (mean-t-tome-o w-away-rd) think of the alignment to protect from when saying
streny-dray = (str-eve-n-way drain-way) ray of enfeeblement
scar = (scare) scare your enemies
slep = (sleep) make anyone fall sleep
fyna = (fina) bless boosts all allies with improved attacks
cuvehe = (cue-eve-he) cure light wounds on person
restoramej = lesser restoration removes most bad attribute effects including lost experience.
dum = (doom) doom causes the attacker to not attack well.
keijiiqee = (keist-jii-quee) remove fear from target.
sanct = (sane-ct) sanctuary and makes the enemies ignore you.
tangl = (t-make-ng-l) entangle traps enemies with clinging vegetation.
makfudaqua = (make-f-thud-faq-ooh-ah) make food and water - At the naming of this spell what you need for food and water will be felt in the mouth as if you ate it.
cuq tuch = (kook t-you-ch) chill touch makes minor damage attack on the life force.
kuimej = (k-lude-wide-meger-j) minor drain that drains the victim of a small amount of energy.
myrima = (m-aye-r-I'm-a) reflected image causes one image of said caster to form and do what the caster does.
cyx = (c-aye-x) spook makes the caster to play upon natural fears to make the caster appear like someone inimical.
viuhyrz = (v-time-use-h-aye-rz) shocking grasp makes the caster give a shock to the target touched.
jiite = (jiir-tea) enchant object enchants any object be it stone, item or clothing with a thought of what you want at the time of casting.
kefeslutes = (key-fee-slute-s) create key - Makes a key out of substance itself that will mold itself to fit any lock that ye think on. Imagine the key appearing in hand as ye say spell. If not that it will draw the key to you at some point. Cast on a ring to make a key ring that responds to the wearers mental command.

Circle III (2)

ancideaf = (ancile-deal-f) make target deaf and blind
dylu = (dilute) strengthen
felinedex = (feel-line-e-d-leax) heighten dexterity
thul = (th-use-l) creates darkness of area
cha = (ch-ape) charisma increase
ep = (eep) endurance increase
qui = (q-buick) intellegence increase
aparitonci = (ape-are-rite-on-recede-quick) ghostly visage that turns you hard to hit.
gultuch = (ghoul-t-use-ch) ghoul's paralyzing touch
invisi = (inn-vise-in) invisibility
noc = (no-hock) unlock door
keijiiles = (key-inn-jii-lease) lesser dispel
arrach = (are-rack) acid arrow
cipo = (c-ripe-p-on) wisdom increase
primaire resis = (elate-me-mean rede-s-rise) resist elements
invisiu-c = (inn-vise-in-use c) see invisibility
web = (w-even-b) cast a sticky web at a group
boardir = (board-dire) dire boar summon
aid = (air-d) aid increases the targets attack possibility and an increase in health.
cuvemed = (cue-eve-mead) cure moderate wounds.
lescyr = (lease-c-way-r) lesser restoration removes all penalties brought by spell.
q-o = (q lone) silence
naeabliia = (n-rael-able-liir-an) invulnerability causes the target to not get hurt by any attack.
sondburs = (sound-b-burr-s) sound burst delivers a sonic punch of sound.
fyrlash = (f-aye-r-lash) flame lash that does moderate damage.
kipryn = (k-fine-pr-bye-n) spiritual hammer that kills for you with serious damage while you summon it or other work.
joapyr = (joan-p-aye-r) agannazar's scorcher makes a jet of flame appears out of fingertips to burst out at target killing anyone in path.
blur = (blur) blur causes a target to blur.
porjuk = (poor-j-use-k) glitterdust reflects all light in area to make a person blindsided.
luc = (luck) luck creates luck for the caster.
myrim = (m-aye-r-I'm) mirror image creates 2 to 8 exact duplicates of said caster.
fobresis = (f-robe-br-ease-s-rise-s) resist fear makes the person fear resistant.
spakun = (spake-rune-n) vocalize makes casting spells unheard.
transmateria = (trans-material) material tranferrence transfers a material into another location that includes anything.
jegarment = (j-steer-garment) clean clothes - cleans the clothes on the body or other clothes as ye think on.
ryeaero = (rye-each-erotic) flip target in the air
spebyttoun = (speed-byte-town) internet speed up - Speeds up any internet connection and keeps it for hours after disconnect. Think on the internet connect as you say the spell.
spemetab = (speed-meta-tabe) metabolism speed up creates in the target an increased metabolism that causes weight loss.
detbross pasteal = (dete-bross paste-heal) teeth brush - Brush your teeth without a brush that makes your teeth self-regenerate.
loothuwup = (loot-th-uwen-up) buried treasure pull - Say the spell while thinking of the word treasure in a well bucket being pulled up with a well crank. When the word is at the top the treasure will somehow come to the surface at some time.
sfuwariq = (s-fue-ware-lie-q) primal intelligence - Cause the target to have prescientific knowledge.

Circle IV (3)

dedyyr = (deed-di-lyer) animate dead will animate any dead bodies in the area to the casters will.
spounn = (spouse-funny) clairivoyance gives the target prescience as to what will come and prepare them.
clarity = (c-declare-item-way) removes and protects from sleep, confusion, stun and charm effects
keijii majik = (k-klein-jii major-hike) dispel magick
fidai = (confide-aim) find traps directs you to the traps and allows the caster to find them without tripping them.
pyrbarr = (p-aye-r-barr) deathfire imagine it forming in hand and mentally toss it at target.
fyrbarr = (f-aye-r-barr) fireball imagine it forming in hand and mentally toss it at target.
flarr = (fl-arrow) flame arrow
yx = (wix) haste will haste one or more targets.
kouyly = (k-out-aye-l-way) hold person
spherinvisi = (sphere-line-vise-in) invisibility sphere
kamur = lightning
soementomo = (some-ease-meant-one-m-on) magic circle that affects all allies and self with alignment protection that ou think on.
balnov = (bale-n-hove-v) negative energy burst kills by a large amount of negative energy.
fruufro primaire = (fr-use-use-fr-one prime-air-end) protection from elements protects from all elements.
tard = (tar-d) slow slows any foe down.
p-unuag = (p rune-use-age) stinking cloud
dirlup = (dire-lude-p) dire wolf summon to aid as the caster wants.
vampyrtuch = (revamp-aye-r-t-use-ch) vampiric touch drains the person touched of stamina and energy.
meditudom = (mead-d-rite-use-dome) void shield that protects from most spells
seriocuve = (sere-rind-trove-c-use-v-end) cure serious wounds
invisipurg = (inn-vise-in-purge) invisibility purge
balward = (bale-ward) negative energy protection
pra = prayer - (pray) Makes all allies gain a bonus of attack, damaging, skill augmenting and resistances. All enemies recieve penalties to the same.
keijiimay = (key-rind-jii-ma-way) remove disease and pestilence.from all nearby allies.
searliht = (sear-lite) searing light causes medium factor damage to the undead, constructs and other things.
orou = (ore-out) rousing war cry - Song that plays on saying of the word that brings on hope and better attack. All enemies are stricken with fear.
godpryn = (gode-pr-aye-n) hammer of the gods.does serious damage to the target
erised = (er-rise-edict-d) distraction of thought that makes the target not think effectively.
koureparo = (k-our-eat-p-are-on) object repair that effects any object.
jiidir = (jii-dire) dire charm makes the affected person do whatever the caster says.
armouraparit = (arm-our-late-p-are-lite) ghost armor creates a plate armor effect that dos not hinder movement.
mincrit = (mint-criteria) minute meteor makes a dozen miniature meteors that can be thrown to unerringly hit the target that includes materials making medium fire impact damage.
craniumai = (crane-I'm-use-made-in) skull trap creates a trap skull in casters hand that is thrown in area to float until targets come near and recieve grenade damage.
lesuim = (lease-use-I'm) emotionless makes the person feel no emotion.
rye = (r-aye-hey) hopeless emotion creates in people around said caster a feeeling of hopeless.
jiifroe = (jii-from-hey) enchanted weapon creates an enchanted weapon of any sort by thinking on the weapon while doing the spell.
armurjii = (arm-your-r-jii) enchanted armour creates a suit of armor to the casters need.
aerozetly = (are-erotic-z-eat-t-lye) zone of sweet air that repels all noxious elements in the air including magically created.
bly = (bl-way) blight that causes everything it spreads through will become blighted.
purslutes = (pure-slute-bees) purifies anything at all.
gynlas = (gin-laser) laser shot that inflicts a self cauterizing laser wound at the target.
juuravir = (juu-rave-ire) spell stealing steals any spell from a spell caster if known and thought on when casting this spell.
braneceil risperdalimi = (brain-e-ceiling risk-per-dale-imitate) chemistry balance cures schitzophrenic brain chemistry imbalance.
lavaball = (lavish-aim-ball) lava ball - Strikes for decent lava damage at a mentally tossed at target and will melt any material.
jeanam = (jean-name) body cleanse cleans the target body of dirt and scent.
hamun = (hame-lune) unharmable nature makes the person nature.

Circle V (4)

blesyj = (bleak-s-aye-j) lowers all targets abilty by 30%
chaxx = (ch-ape-rexx) charm monster
vye = (v-are-we) confusion
may = (m-a-aye) contagion
kyoria = (k-aye-ore-line-as) enervation drains experience from target
cagaptac tentacle = (cage-page-pt-act) black tentacles
qee = (q-eek) make group fear
cyroaqya = (c-aye-one-act-q-aye-an) cast ice storm as away as possible
invisimpro = (vine-vise-line-m-pro) improved invisibility
juules breh = (juu-lease breath-h) cast lesser spell breach while thinking of the target
fruumej naeabliia = (f-ruu-m-leave-j n-rael-able-liir-an) minor globe of invulnerability prevents all level 3 and below spells from affecting caster hostily
byezenom = (by-ease-z-eave-no-m) phantasmal killer
sepoly = (sea-p-own-l-way) polymorph self into the form you think of
ejancideaf = (eject-may-c-line-deal-ant-f) remove deafness and blindness from person
ejuu = (eject-juu) remove curse from anything
shadbeiz = (shade-be-live-z) shadow conjuration spell that allows for making of a Darkness, Invisibility, Mage Armor, Magic Missile or Summon a shadow in the shape that ye want. Be thinking of the spell on casting.
u-wong = (you-wore-ng) cast stoneskin while thinking of the person
dirarachnid = (dire-bar-ache-n-hide) summon dire arachnid
fyrwal = (f-aye-r-all) fire wall
meditufenydom = (mead-lite-you-fee-n-aye-dome) void shield that protects from anything
criacuve = (crier-a-c-cue-vue-hey) cure critical wounds.
dethward = (death-ward) target becomes immune to any death effect.
god corrant = (gode core-rant) devine power causes the caster to become very strong and gains life.
fyrgodlasi = (f-aye-r-gode-laser-in) flame strike causes a devine fire strike.
jehnian = (jedi-h-n-idol-lane-n) free movement from any holding spell
neutapois = (neutral-all-poised) Poison victim cured.
pois = (poison) poison person with a deadly poison that effects the target.
restora = (restore-an) removes most bad attributes effects including lost experience and energy.
onruh = (one-rune-h) animal companion is temporarily improved.
frou = (from-use) levitation causes the caster a target to rise upwards.
lokuis = (loki-use-line-s) wizard lock locks any door.
polyhum = (pole-why-humane) back to normal transformation makes the polymorphed person to the original form.
knycipu = (kn-aye-c-light-p-use) net capture - Captures the person or the soul of the person in a sphere until thought released or a freedom spell is done.
domlas = (dome-laser) laser shield that absorbs or deflects laser strikes.
beutynat = (beautiful-native) natures beauty makes the target irresistible to any person and does what the person wants.
kevlar = (key-v-pillar) bullet proof armor grants the target an armor that is nonrestrictive and bulletproof.
galenzuq = (galen-zuq) vibrational sword - makes a sword of vibration that can cut through anything appear in hand.
davuaytytiy = (dave-you-say-tye-time-way) prosperous consequence - creates a prosperous ending to any event.
demetrikou = (demetri-kou) valience - transform the target into a valient unfearful person.

Circle VI (5)

zyknuag = (z-aye-kn-use-age) cloud kill makes appear acidic cloud vapors in the target area to kill the target group.
cyricon = (c-aye-rite-cone) cone of cold sends from the hand a cone shaped cold energy to kill by freezing the intended targets in area.
ydi = (wide-line) dismissal dismisses all associated callings of target
uxt = (use-xt) dominate person that you think on
primairedom = (prime-are-line-rede-own-m) elemental shield brings up a ring of fire that damages attackerss while granting cold/fire resistance.
lasovem = (laser-own-v-lean-m) energy buffer that is 60% elemental damage resistance.
lesiq = (lean-s-like-q) feeblemind a person
maj shadbeiz = (major shade-be-like-z) major shadow conjuration allows for the caster to cast any 5 circle spells that the person thinks on when casting.
viuxx = (vie-use-xx) hold monster will hold one monster.
lesmyn blanc = (lease-min blank) lesser mind blank renders target immune and removes any mind affect spell.
planeles = (plane-me-lease) lesser planar binding which binds a outsider to do your bidding in a shape of an animal.
juules mantl = (juu-lease mantle) lesser spell mantle absorbs up to 12 spells
mynfog = (min-f-hog-g) mind fog that makes a person weak in will
dirtig = (dire-tiger) dire tiger summons
aarix losaouz = (are-are-fix lose-ao-use-z) heat enclosed area
colx losaouz = (coal-x lose-ao-use-z) cool enclosed area
heasis = (heal-s-lie-s) atlantean assisted healing
soehea = (so-ease-heal) circle heal heals all allies nearby as well as caster as if a cure serious wounds was cast.
dedevei = (deed-devious-easy-in) raise dead raises one corpse to life by saying spell and putting energy of yourself into it.
taviedeth = (tavern-ie-death) death to life brings back one person from death as a risen being of power.
slayvie = (slay-aye-vie-men) slay living kills one person instantly or they resist it some way.
ipoliy = (life-pole-line-way) telekinesis lifts in place an item with this spell.
hydromuc = (h-aye-d-row-m-luke-c) water dissolve makes the target dissolve into water partictles.
mejseq = (m-ease-j-sequence) minor sequencer that stores up to two spells of 2nd circle or lower.
sphery-l = (sphere-way l) otilukes resilience sphere creates a sphere that makes a person unable to be affected and yet it makes the enclosed person unable to affect anything in the real world.
polycruo = (pole-in-crude-on) polymorph other into any other form while thinking on the form.
arachnob daeg = (arachno-b daeg) spider spawn creates a few deadly spiders of which kills the enemies.
armurki = (arm-use-r-ki) spiritual armor that creates a plate mail armor around the target and does not hinder using the targets life force.
sehpof = (sea-h-p-off-f) teleport field creates a random effect shift field effective on enemies.
uisey = (wise-eye) wizard eye that makes an invisible sensory organ sending back visual information.
shador = (shade-door) shadow door makes an illusion door that the caster disappears through it making the caster seems gone while said caster is actually invisible and darts away.
froeward = (from-leer-ward) protection from weapons makes any weapon not effective on the caster.
kao = (chao) chaos effect that makes any event that you want to happen happen.
galenenom = (gale-lean-n-ease-n-own-m) phantom blade which makes a sword in hand to attack with that does spiritual damage.
kaodom = (chaos-dome) makes a chaos shield or dome of force that converts energy into useful energy by the caster.
dorob = (door-robe) door warp warps tight any door that you think of while casting preventing access.
diruii = (dire-use-ler) dire terror make the person paralyzed by terror and remains unmoving for until the spell wears off.
dyh = (d-aye-h) power word guilt makes the target guilty of any feelings.
myr-ima = (m-aye-r lime-ah) mirroring image makes any image you think of to reflect energy of many sorts.
sidiselav = (siding-select-have) lava wall that moves at the casters will and heat treats, melts, or disrupts any target or group the wall passes through.
lupakim = (lupe-ak-im) call wolves to aid you and talk with the concious of the wolves by thought.
pyrwal = (p-aye-r-wall) deathfire wall even burns liches
sfuwarbragh = (s-fue-ware-brag-h) primal beast calls an unkillable primal beast to kill on command. Be thinking on the form for it to take when casting.

Circle VII (6)

fogach = (fog-stomach) acidic fog that slows creatures within while dealing acidic damage.
chan kamur = (chain k-came-lure-r) chain lightning to cast in general direction of targets
soeded = (some-ease-deed) circle of death
etheronci = (seeth-ease-r-one-c-in) etherial visage is better protection than ghostly visage and will make you unable to be hit or killed.
fruu naeabliia = (fr-ruu naer-able-lii-an) globe of invulnerability prevents all circle 4 and below spells from affecting caster hostily
keijiimaj = (key-line-jii-major) greater dispelling
juumaj breh = (juu-major bree-h) greater spell breach - strips six magical defenses from a enemy mage.
maju-wong = (major-use w-one-g) cast greater stoneskin while thinking of the person and it protects better.
syllor = (sil-lord) legendary lore spell that gives you knowledge of things around you.
r-iyx = (r line-aye-x) mass haste effects all allies in area and the caster.
plane = (plane-ease) summon or control an outsider that is human shaped.
shad = (shade) shades - makes a shadow variant of cold of cone, fireball, stoneskin, wall of fire or summon a shadow man and have the effect in mind when casting.
dirber = (dir-b-ear-r) dire bear summoning.
dylutrans = (dill-lute-rain-s) tensers tranformation makes the caster physically more powerful.
tru-c = (true c) true seeing can see through sanctuary and invisibility.
col twoxezyk = (cole tw-one-x-earn-z-aye-k) targeted cold knock out.
aari twoxezyk = (are-are-inn tw-one-x-earn-z-aye-k) targeted heat knock out
aaraboe = (are-are-and-bow-e) blade barrier make a wall of blades.
makunded = (make-rune-dead) create undead makes one undead creature
restoramaj = (restore-an-major) removes all bad attribute effects including lost experience, restores energy and makes regeneration.
ham = (h-aim-m) harm which makes the target badly wounded.
hea = (heal) healing that makes the target fully healed.
spheros = (sphere-oh-s) sickle sphere assault that causes a large sharp ice sickle to strike the target.
suslos cruudaeg = (masus-loose cr-ruul-daeg) creates a few carrion crawlers that become mutated into killing anything in its path.
invisilykuth = (line-vise-aisle-why-k-use-th) invisible stalker forms from the element of air that does whatever the caster wants.
liomis = (lie-oh-miser-s) mislead causes the person to be unseen via improved invisibility and is teleported a few feet away with another image appeaing his place making the exact same movements as the caster.
chairtong = (chair-t-pong) stone to flesh reverts a person to flesh from stone.
chairong = (chair-long) stone flesh makes the person untouched by attack.
nishruu = (nie-shruu) nishruu summons - Summons a magic feeder to feed off energies around it and not attack the summoner at all. These nishruu can be attacked.
dactowyvakim = (dact-oh-wiv-ache-k-lime) wyvern call that draws a wyvern to fight for you.
b-icorrantcosm = (b hide-core-rant-cosm) power link any object to create a unversal power field for your machines from anywhere.
bomovv = sonic bomb that destroys by overwhelming sonic waves any enemy in area of effect.
relidyh = (real-in-d-aye-h) guilt release releases the guilty feelings of a person.
fokery = (foke-deer-way) spell body storage causes the target to absob spells to be used later as if recalling them as an ability.
losevem = (lose-even-m) laser lance shoots a lancing laser shot through people in a row up to 100 feet away.
luciduanay = (lucid-use-an-say) lucid thinking - Cures dementia and schitzophrenia by using these words on a target. Also keeps the target unaffected by any other mind effect.
galeniaa = (galen-niagra-an) demon sword can make a demonic blade in the targets hand from a demon itself or any sword into a demonic blade.
humeditu = (human-medium-light-you) summon void being to aid as the caster wills.
plastiqugalen = (plastic-que-galen) plastic sword forms in the hand of the caster that is as strong as adamantium.
sonneryma = (son-near-why-ma) ring creation - makes a ring appear to your hand or wherever you want by imagination.
curdopbuv = (cure-dope-buy-v) cure drug abuse - cures the victim of drug abuse.
dirtytiy = (dire-t-why-time-way) dire consequence causes a consequence of dire straits to happento the target on casting.

Circle VIII (7)

undedevoi = (rune-deed-rede-void) control one undead being.
delablas pyrball = (deal-labor-laser peer-ball) delayed blast fireball that goes off when target enters area.
fing'kk = (fine-g kk) finger of death
galenyyr = (gale-zenith-n-aye-aye-r) mordenkainens sword causes a magical sword to fight your enemies.
q-q = (q q) power word stun
zedsen zyw = (z-seed-seen z-aye-w) prismatic spray which does damage to death.
juuward = (juu-ward) protection from spells
shadom = (shade-dome) shadow shield makes you immune to death and negative energy effects
juumantl = (juu-mantle) spell mantle absorbs 16 spells and makes the mind body strengthened with one effect of desire.
primairehum = (prime-air-eat-human) random elemental summons
nyc = (nic) destruction that the target must resist death or die.
reparoeal = (repair-oh-seal) regeneration causes wounds to heal fully including the brain. This depends on the wound degree to how fast it works.
eveihea = (evening-line-heal) ressurection makes the person fully heal after raising.
godeveihea = (gode-evening-line-heal) ressurection after 100 hours with a 60% chance.
yoh = (you-h) word of faith causes enemies to be stunned or killed.
vieoroo = (vie-earn-ore-ooh) aura of vitality makes a bonus in all allies and caster's bodies.
dumglec = (doom-glee-c) carpets of insects attack at your command.
froumas = (from-use-mass) mass levitation that causes a whole group to rise upwards.
mucach = (mucous-ache) acidic dissolvation of all target enemies.
caco = (cake-on) cacofiend summons that calls a demon to rampage against your enemies.
ruyray revers = (rune-aye-ran-way reverse) ruby ray of reversal will target one creature or person and dispel one spell protection of any circle.
myr = (mir) mirror creates a mirror in the air to reflect any attack.
juuseq = (juu-sequence) spell sequencer can store three spells that the caster thinks of the name of and these spells are circle 4 or lower.
kaospher = (chaos-sphere) casts a sphere that that affects the area with an effect of your devising.
djin = (djinn) summons an air genie to come and aid by attacking enemies of conjurer.
efret = (efreet) a massive fire genie that comes to your aid to attack your foes.
hakeashar = (h-ache-ee-and-share) hakeashar summons brings forth a greater hakeashar that is unaffected by weapons.
kaoege = (chaos-eger) summons a chaos lord to aid as the caster desires but do not call the chaos lord for small reasons.
warduip = (ward-use-ripe) warding whip will dispell one protection up to 8th circle every 1 second.
corrantulo = (core-rant-use-low) enveloping power makes the targets power destroy itself.
spher = (sphere) sentry sphere - calls into being a sphere for uses such as attack, protect, scout, repair, contain, build plus other things and think the purpose to the sphere to have it do so.
spheruviy-loua = (sphere-groovy-way low-an) otilukes resilience protection sphere creates a sphere that makes a person unable to be hurt and moves with the person.
heacyw = (repairo-c-aye-w) bone and tissue repair for one person.
byolasolas = (b-aye-o-laser-mole-maser) bio laser forms a laser blast from the hand and bursts forth incinerating the target in a wide and straight line.
fyrfowl = (f-aye-r-fowl) fowling fire fowls all magic and machines in the area of the magic.
koucilf = (cow-c-isle-f) summon a servant elf to do what is needed for the caster.
biobo = (bio-bow) energy bow forms in the hand of the caster.
pyrgalen = (p-aye-r-galen) death fire sword makes appear in hand a sword that deals death fire and incinerative damages.
cosmnetzueb = (cosm-neat-z-use-eve-b) create a link a link to the internet anywhere.
lavaqya = (lava-q-why-an) lava storm creates a storm of lava that assails any enemy with a large damage amount.
bokarticloyjoi = (bow-k-art-pick-boy-join) play boy magazine - brings up beautiful women pictures in the mind.
eaprua = (each-prude-ah) makes the medicine effect the body needs for healing and balance.
sfuwarintaiq = (s-fue-war-int-air-q) primal creature - summon a primal creature to work as a servent for the caster that be unkillable and can be any shape at all.

Circle IX (8)

planemaj = (plane-ear-major) greater planar binding summons or paralyzes an outsider that is human shaped.
hor kuibod = (horror-k-use-line-bode) horrid wilting that pysically melts the person through draining said target.
pyrnuag = (p-aye-rn-use-age) incendiary cloud does hot fire damage to all in cloud.
masancideaf = (mass-rance-lie-deal-earn-f) mass blind and deafness - all nearby enemies are struck deaf and blind
chamas = (chalk-mass) all creatures and people are improved in disposition towards caster.
mynblanc = (minute-blank) mind blank renders all allies and caster unaffected to mind affecting spells.
cim = (c-lime-m) premonition gives you warning before the event and damage reduction of 60%.
maj primairehum = (major prime-air-early-human) random greater elemental summons.
ereoroo mentomo = (eer-early-one-root mean-nt-one-moan) aura versus alignment - target gains immunity to mind affecting spells and high resistance to creatures of the alignment of which you thought on when casting.
makmajunded = (make-major-rune-dead) create greater undead makes one undead creature
pyraqya = (p-aye-r-are-q-aye-an) fire storm causes massive damage to enemies.
mashea = (mass-heal) mass heal all allies and caster fully healed.
evemaari = (even-ee-maar-in) sunbeam that does moderate damage to undead and serious damage to others.
natec = (nate-tea-c) lowers enemies spell resistance and heals allies.
leht = (leaf-ht) shift yourself or people that you want on saying of this word.
masipoliy = (mass-line-pole-line-way) lift many items in place with this spell.
spheros surond = (sphere-lost surround) sickle sphere assault that causes a large sharp ice sickle to strike after becoming many and surrounding the target.
dhoy = (dhoy-way) call a tornado to come and destroy any in area.
meditu galenyyr = (mead-lite-you gale-length-n-aye-aye-r) mordenkainens black sword of disaster causes a magical sword to fight your enemies draining of experience.
jagato = (jag-late-on) atomic edge that sharpens a weapon or slices a target to pieces.
maz = (maze) maze that puts a person into a private place that the person dreams up as a prison and is kept there as long as possible according to intelligence.
ddxac = (caddy-exact-c) simulacrum creates a being exactly like the caster that is a powerful ally.
juuseq maj = (juu-sequence major) spell trigger can store 3 spells that the caster thinks of the name of and these are 6th circle or lower.
cymodeth = (cymbol-one-death) symbol death makes a symbol appear on any surface that kills the intended target that the person thinks of at the time of casting.
cymophit = (cymbol-one-fight) symbol fear makes the symbol of fear appear anywhere on a surface anf makes fearful any that get too close.
cymojohn = (cymbol-one-john) symbol stun stuns any victim that gets close to it.
grachauspexsosp = (grade-change-lure-speex-in-so-sp) transform any material touched or item thought on to gold as ye visualize it.
irucymo = (ire-use-c-aye-one) symbol anger makes anyone who gets too near it angry and beserk.
domgyn = (dome-gin) shot shield makes a bullet proof shield that deflects any bullet.
huistern = (hue-in-wesstern) throwing star creates as many throwing stars as you imagine appearing where you like.
huidovastern = (hue-in-dove-an-stern) detonating throwing stars that are thrown and cause a inflictiove explosion.
silofok = (silo-folk) body storage spell causes the casters body to store items pressed against it with only a few pounds per item stored.
byodom = (bye-on-dom) cast at a target including machines to make the target have a bio protection field.
domoroo = (dome-or-oo) aura shield makes the caster form a auratic shield around the body that absorbs any damage.
piwafithyl = (pie-wafer-in-thil) cloak of darkness - Once said this spell will enfold the caster in a cloak of invisibility. Cast on a cloak of any sort will cause an invisibility effect to the wearer of the cloak.
plastiquacieru-w = (plastic-que-ace-bier-use w) plastic steel skin - Makes skin of the target like plastic steel protecting from laser and any other attacks as if the person wore a full steel armour suit without movement restrictions.
crysarmur = (crystal-armour) crystal armour materialize makes the armourof pure crystal appear on the person.
tytiygud = (tye-time-why-good) good circumstance causes good consequences of the targets actions.
jiiep = (jiir-ep) extend spell to last infinitly or as long as possible.

Circle X (9)

uxtxx = (use-x-t-rexx) target monster becomes under casters control.
kuio = (k-use-into-on) energy drain of target for some of thier experience temporarily.
gat = (gate) summon gate - summons anything to come attack for you that you think on or be under your control. Go anywhere with this spell as it will draw you there on thought of destination.
majuumantl = (major-juu-mantle) greater spell mantle absorbs 24 spells and makes the mind body strengthened with many effects of desire.
swarcrit = (swarm-cr-light-t) meteor swarm strikes all people in area with alot of damage.
juudys = (juu-dis) mordenkainen's disjunction is a more powerful greater dispell magic.
kie = (k-mile-ear) power word kill
shap = (shape) shapechange - target becomes able to shapechange into a anything.
gafprimaire = (gafe-prime-air-ear) elder elemental summons.
woty = (woe-tye) time stop allows the caster to cast spells and attack while the rest of the world remains hidden.
jiycrye kideth = (jie-aye-cr-aye-ee k-lime-d-ee-th) cry of the banshee that kills all enemies in area or they resist.
wyrd = (wierd) wierd spell that kills enemies while draining them anywhere
noirhol = (no-ire-hole) implosion causes a black hole to kill everything within area of effect.
aqyach = (ache-q-aye-ache) storm of vengeance causes serious acid damage each second.
twexyty = (tweak-x-aye-t-way) time manipulation - manipulate time as the caster desires.
primaireswarm = (prime-air-ee-swarm) full elemental summons under control of caster.
ysh = (wish) Wish - concentrate on your desire while saying
medituhamomak = (mead-light-you-hame-one-make) create object - think on object while saying to make it appear.
ipofrou = (like-p-one-f-round) fly in place an item with this spell.
fyrdhoy = (f-aye-r-dhoy-way) fire tornado that does major fire damage to all in area in which its cast.
ytlyhamu = (way-t-lye-home-u) mana flood causes a flood of power to serve through the area that messes up spells.
atlacyro = (atlas-c-aye-row) ice knife forms a knife of ice in hand that you can toss or strike with and will always return to hand at will.
jagatosurond = (jag-late-oh-surround) atomic edge that slices a target to pieces by surrounding the targets to pieces.
immabsolu = (i-emmy-absolute) absolute immunity causes complete invulnerability to all weapons until the caster decides it not be there.
medituboe = (mead-line-tube-oh-ee) black blade of disaster comes into being and attacks foes draining them of experience.
chanork = (chain-work) chain contingency can store 3 spells that the caster thinks of the name of and these are any level.
spherian = (sphere-live-an) freedom frees any imprisioned being from far beneath the earth that was trapped in a sphere.
giospher = (g-live-sphere) sphere imprisionment when cast and the target is touched will imprision the target far beneath the earth in a sphere of suspended animation where the target reains until a reverse of the spell is cast.
juukink = (juu-kink) strikes all spell protections from target.
juuai = (juu-are-in) spelltrap creates a magical barrier around you trapping every spell cast at you causing a rememberance of the spell.
damonmissiv = (daemon-missiv) summon daemon to send a message of any sort just think of message while casting.
misil = (miser-s-pile) forms a missile that kills on contact of target making a grenade fragging explosion harming more than one target in area.
misilixp = (miser-s-pile-ripe-xp) explosive missile that explodes on contact of target with a fire grenade frag doing major damage to the targets around it.
misilfed = (miser-pile-feed) feeder missiles cause great impact of grenade like damage to a group of enemies absorbing thier energies giving it to the caster.
misilenhanz = (miss-isle-end-hand-z) drunken missiles that make devastating impact whence thrown from hand to hit unnerringly the targets.
galenlas = (galen-laser) laser sword - That appears in hand to act like a sword and incinerates the target in some form. This includes the destruction of the targets equipment.
konk = (konk) knocks out any target.
acierumospesosp = (ace-isle-era-rune-more-speed-inn-so-sp) change steel to druidic gold steel by touching weapon while saying spell.
meditukamuraqya = (mead-light-use-came-lemure-faq-aye-a) incineration storm that shoots black lightning at anybody in area of effect at the casters willing.
viq = (v-like-q) silent death causes the death of the person through consumption of said persons power.
primairesilo = (prime-air-ee-silent-on) storage elemental forms an elemental that sores any amount of objects as if no item weighed anything.
kaodacto = (choas-dacto) chaos dragon summoning calls a negative plane dragon to your aid.
trepoly = (tree-poly) tree transform makes a tree of choice from a body.
doligalen = (dole-in-galen) moonblade that appears in hand and kills or manipulates with the power the moon.
stavinme = (stay-v-inme) magical wand that appears in hand to make any effect you want and dissapears at need.
suag = (sue-age) cure target of lynthrocampy.
tytiy = (tye-time-why) create any consequence by thinking on it when saying spell.
crysgalen = (chris-galen) crystal sword materialize makes a crystal sword appear in hand.
sheolbrut = (she-hole-brute) calls a hellspawn to aid the caster at the casters will.
sluteseaprua = (slute-ye-seance-prude-ah) creates an instant medicine in solid form of some sort that the caster thinks on.
sfuwardacto = (s-fue-war-dacto) primal dragon transform - call an undefeatable primal dragon that can kill with a thought.

Circle XI (10)

iklejuu = (pike-k-lee-juu) spell mastery makes manipulation of any spell possible.
tyreparo = (t-aye-repair-on) repair time and place repairs to the situation that you want.
tyikle = (t-aye-line-k-led) time mastery allows for manipulation of time itself by focusing on the time you want or the words that mean slow (slo), speed up (spe), or pause (wo).
vulcaneru = (vulcan-ee-rue) eruption of a volcanic force to wipe out all people in vicinity.
medituaqya = (mead-line-t-use-age-q-aye-an) void storm that kills everything in area by sucking enemies life forces.
gebuuq = (gee-bu-lude-q) earthquake that causes major damage to all in area.
megabombe = (meager-ant-bomb-ear) mega bomb forms a bomb anywhere you want on the utterance of this spell that goes off at the casters will doing huge shrapnel damage or knocking people out.
meditutenticle = (mead-line-tube-tenticle-ee) void tenticles grasp and hold the enemies victims draining them of all possible experience.
revers = (reverse) reverse the spell coming at you or in effect.
dokenato = (doken-aid-tomb) atomic destruction that decimates all people in range of 2 miles not hurting allies and caster.
iklemeditu = (pike-k-lee-mead-light-u) void mastery makes imagination manipulation of void with these words.
cabibus = (cab-line-bus) mass shift that incites a shift of a target group to a place you desire and this includes armies.
iklefyr = (line-k-lead-fire) fire mastery that makes the caster able to manipulate fire by will alone.
ikleselav = (lava-main-k-clean) lava mastery grants the caster a mastery of lava with a desire.
iklecyro = (line-k-led-c-aye-row) ice mastery that makes the caster able to work with ice by will alone.
aeroikle = (aerobic-line-k-led) air mastery that makes the caster able to will air effects.
xucuil = (x-lute-c-use-light-l) flying mastery makes flight by willful desire and imagination on utterance of spell.
masipofrou = (mass-line-p-one-fr-out) fly in place many items with this spell.
dhoymeditu = (dhoy-aye-mead-light-u) voidal tornado causes a void tornado that incinerates all enemies or absorbs all energy in area.
corrantaqya = (corrant-aid-q-aye-an) power storm makes a storm which interferes with all enemy spells.
ytlymeditu = (why-t-lye-mead-light-u) voidal flood causes a flood of voidal energy to swerve through the area sucking all energy from enemies and objects.
polybael = (pole-aye-bar-ee-l) transform into a demon of any sort.
aidikledacto = (aid-pike-k-lee-dact-on) summon a dragon to your aid which does not appear at first.
polysidh = (pole-aye-sidh) transform into faery by saying these words at a target.
polytesseractiq = (pole-why-tess-ee-race-time-q) intelligent tesseract transform (dark killer giant).
polyatleantian = (pole-y-ate-lean-time-an) transform a target into an atlantean sea elf.
polycilf = (pole-aye-c-ilk-f) elf transformation that makes the caster an elf.
polytreant = (pole-aye-treant) tree man transform makes any body into a tree man being.
polydactosun = (pole-aye-dacto-soon) sun dragon shift makes the caster becomes a sun dragon.
polycilfark = (pole-aye-c-ilk-f-dark) dark elf transform makes the caster become a dark elf.
polykaocilf = (pole-aye-chao-c-lie-lf) choas elf transform makes the caster into a negative plane elf.
polykaodacto = (pole-aye-chao-dacto) chaos dragon transform transforms the caster into a negative plane dragon.
polykaohum = (polish-why-chaos-human) choas being transform makes the target into a being.of chaos.
polyhumeditu = (pole-why-hue-medium-light-you) void being transform makes the caster into a being of void.
polybal = (pole-why-bale) negative plain being transforms the person into a being of negative energy.
polybalyl = (pole-why-bale-why-l) negative wild magic transform makes the target into a being of negative wild magic energy.
polyfyrhumarachno = (pole-why-fir-human-arach-no) human spider transform - Targets someone and makes said target into an energy spider that totally disappears from existence. Enabling the human spider to manipulate anything in existence.
sheolpolybrut = (she-hold-pole-why-brute) hellspawn transform - transforms the target into a hellspawn.
polyhye = (pole-aye-hy-eh) hyena transform - hyena transform transforms the victim into a hyena.
polylycantropy = (pole-aye-lye-cant-trow-p-way) werewolf transform makes the target into a full werewolf.
polylich = (pole-way-lich) lich transform makes the lich out of a target.
polykreen = (pole-why-kreen) insectoid human transform - makes the target into an insectoid.
polysatyr = (pole-why-sat-aye-r) satyr tranform - Make the target into a satyr form (half goat human).
polytroll = (pole-aye-troll) troll transform - The target transforms into a troll of the casters will as for type.
hcaorpoly = (h-cave-or-pole-way) roach transform - The target including caster becomes a roach of any flavor. Thinking polyhum will transform the person back.
hcaorpolyhum = (h-cave-or-pole-way-humus) human roach transform - The target including caster becomes a human roach.
polyfelin = (pole-why-feel-line) cat tranform - Intended target including caster becomes a cat and transforming back think polyhum.
polyfly = (pole-aye-fly) fly transform - transforms a person into a fly and think polyhum to trasnform back.
polyhumfly = (pole-aye-humus-fl-way) human fly transform - Makes the the target including caster into a human fly.
polysahn = (pole-aye-sahn) sahn transform - Make the target into a super human being.
polysfuwarbragh = (pole-aye-s-fue-war-brag-h) primal beast transform - Make the target into a primal beast that is unkillable and honed to kill.
polysfuwarintaiq = (pole-aye-s-fue-war-int-air-q) primal creature transform - Make the target into a primal creature that is unkillable with intelligence.
polysfuwardacto = (pole-aye-s-fue-war-dacto) primal creature transform - Make the target into a primal dragon.
aryu = (are-aye-you) create a law of effect with this spell by thinking on the law after casting.
baelikle = (bay-eel-like-lease) demon mastery that grants the caster demonic mastery control by will.
jedikle = (jedi-k-mile) jedi mastery grants the spellcaster jedi mastery for the amount of time the spell lasts.
lasab = (laser-saber) mana saber materialize makes a light saber appear in hand.
plastiquacier armur = (plastic-que-ace-bier armour) plastic armour that protects as if steel encases the caster without movemnt restrictions.
cabiliht = (cab-lil-light) light shift - shifts a person to another place at the glancing of a light beam and a thought to where.
crysu-w = (crystal-you w) crystal skin makes the targets skin like crystal and immune to most damage using energy to power it.
instaty = (instant-t-way) instant time event - creates an instant event that you want when spell.
cryabag = (cry-why-lab-bag) bag of holding creates a bag of holding effect out of any container.
corrantwev = (corrant-weave) power weave - think the effect when saying spell or feel the effect you need.
dovuslutes = (dove-you-slute-ee-yes) material substance create makes any substance or object you think on including food or drink.
cyzun = (ciz-lunar) unfailing nature makes anything unfailing in nature.
ayru-w = (airu w) breathing skin - makes the skin of the target breath air from anything around him by conversion including outer space.

Circle XII (11)

planyhyy = (plane-aye-h-aye-way) high planes shifting allows the caster to shift to any realm in existance.
sunhum = (s-rune-human) solar summons calls a solar into existance to act as a judge or aid as the caster wills.
sunhumoqq = (s-rune-human-oqq) fallen solar calls a fallen solar into existence to aid as the caster wants.
gynzup canon = (gim-z-use-p can-non) particle cannon - Makes a particle beam come from the hand to strike instantaneously at the target at a hand toss. Doing heavy damage.
hyucanon gyn = (hill-you-canon gin) phase cannon - Makes a particle cannon shot lance from the hand to strike instaneously at the target dealing immediate death with a toss.
zuprimaire = (z-use-prime-air-end) particle elemental summon calls a particle being into aiding the caster.
hyusunoqq = (high-use-soon-oh-qq) phase shuriken casts forth from the hand a shuriken that phases to the target and strikes instantaneous dealing a death blow.
arrhyu = (arrow-h-aye-you) phase arrow - Forms as many arrows as you imagine in hand that you use with an energy bow to strike intantly at the target with deadly impact. Also possible is the tossing of the arrow to strike unerringly.
hyumisil = (h-aye-you-missile) phase missile casts a highly explosive missile at hypervelocity speed to hit unerringly the target.
hyuatla = (h-aye-you-atla) phase dagger hits unerringly the target instantly once thrown or remains unseen in hand.
galenzup = (galen-z-lupe) particle sword - That does spiritual harm and brings the person near death with a single strike. This sword cannot harm the spell caster but will be able to send energy strikes at the intended target from anywhere.
zupance = (z-use-p-lance-end) particle lance will form a lance of particles in the casters hand. To cast it forth is to make an instant strike at the target and it returns to hand. Use it to strike at the target and it will harm the intended person.
zuparmur = (z-use-p-arm-your) particle armour creates powerful armour able to resist any blow and remains to absorb all damages done to body.
galenato = (galen-mate-oh) atomic edge sword appears to the hand of the caster that slices through anything and is indestructable.
byocomplet armur = (b-aye-on-complete arm-your) biosuit armour - Forms around the target that is only controlled by the wearer of the suit and it makes the person immune to all attacks. This armour increases the wearers abilities and strengths.
domzup = (dome-z-use-p) particle shield makes a shield of subatomic particles around the caster.
polysunhum = (pole-aye-sune-human) solar transform - the caster becomes a benevolent solar.
polysunhumoqq = (pole-aye-sune-human-oqq) fallen solar transform - transforms the caster into a fallen solar (evil).
kaopolysunhum = (chaos-pole-aye-sune-human) chaos solar transform - the caster becomes a negaive plane solar.
primairepolyzup = (prime-air-e-pole-aye-z-use-p) particle elemental transform makes the target into a particle elemental.
stavzup = (stave-z-use-p) particle wand that can make highly powered effects without being sensed by others and act as a weapon.
planezup = (plane-eye-z-use-p) particle planar binding paralyzes or summons a particle outsider.
lasab absorber = (laser-labor absorber) light saber absorbtion can make your body absorb light saber attacks.
zupaqya = (z-loop-faq-why-a) particle storm - makes a storm of particle energy in an area to effect chaos to spells.
godekle = (gode-eek-le) hand of god that makes the person be able to will or dsire anthing to happen.
civanam = (civa-name) soul ship creates a ship of energy to shift the target or people to another place.
eroberunguo = (erotic-bear-rung-you-oh) instant conquest allows for an instant win at the right moment.
brutre = (brute-tree) respawn makes the target come back as if never hurt.
carrzup = (car-zup) particle car makes a car out of particles that is controlled by casters will.
carrzuphov = (car-zup-hover) hover car - makes any type of vehicle float or materializes a particle hover car around you controlled by the will.
carrsluteshov = (car-slute-ee-shove) hovercraft creates a hovercraft around the caster who states this spell and is controlled by the will.
metamajik = (meta-magic) creates any effect possible that the caster wants for one effect anytime after.

Circle XIII (12)

yngikle = (why-ng-pike-less) source mastery gives the caster control of the targets power source or any other source.
disipayng = (dis-gripe-pay-ing) dissipate source removes any nature in the area that was thought on.
polyng = (pole-why-ng) source make - makes the target into a source of energy also a nature that can be anything.
polyngraogiy = (pole-why-ing-grade-on-g-lie-way) a being - creates the target into a nature powered by practice and competition.
polyngterdlet = (pole-why-ing-tier-leat) b being - creates the target into a nature by entropy and information.
polyngiytragheity = (pole-why-ing-live-why-tragedy-he-bite-way) c being - transforms the person into a warrior nature that uses practice, inertia and time as its base.
baelyngpoly = (bael-why-ing-pole) d being - makes the target into a demon nature that controls other beings as if the target were a demon lord.
polyngioprimaire = (pole-why-ing-ion-prime-air-en) e being - makes an elemental nature out of the target.
polyngeldoxtuo = (pole-lye-ing-geld-docs-too-on) f being - make the target a mage merchant nature who can use the powers of instances and money.
polyngud = (pole-why-ing-good) g being - makes the target become a nature that draws on good as its power.
polyngyllobal = (pole-why-ing-way-ll-lobe-hale) h being - makes a target into a nature of hate and negativity.
spypolyvexyng = (spy-pole-why-vex-why-ing) i being - makes a nature out of the target that draws on intrigue and spying.
guilpolazyngserv = (guile-pole-laze-why-ing-serve) l being - makes the target become a nature that can use laziness, service and deceit as its base.
polyngsyxgebott = (pole-why-ng) m being - makes the target into a m nature that manipulates the earth, death and machines at will.
balpolyng = (bale-pole-aye-ing) n being - makes the target a nature able to use the negative energies with the back of my hand.
meditupolyng = (meditate-you-pole-why-ing) o being - makes the target into a nature of void and able to mimic any ability.
polyngebromel = (pole-why-ing-meek-b-rome-heal) p being - makes the target into a nature able to manipulate earth, smells and garbage.
spacpoltyng = (space-pole-tye-ing) q being - makes the target into a nature able to manipulate space and time at whim.
polyngr = (pole-why-ing-r) r being = makes a target into a reverse nature.
schapolyngschoapa = (sch-ale-pole-why-ing-scholar-ape-an) s being - make the target become a nature fed by schools, art and scholar.
polyngafvalmyt = (pole-why-ing-gaf-vale) t being - makes the person into a nature that uses trash and power as its base.
polynglagazmyt = (pole-why-ing-l-age-maze-mit) u being - transform the target into an nature elf that uses power and knowledge.
wispolyngysh = (wise-pole-why-ing-wish) w being - makes a target into a nature wish master.
fuadopolyngasalt = (fur-shade-open-hole-why-ing-assault) x being - makes the target into a nature that draws abilities from sex, drugs, and violence.
polyngyl = (pole-why-ing-while) y being - creates the target into a nature of wild magic.
guilpolyngzoj = (pole-why-ing-wire-raise-zone-j) z being - makes a person into a nature that draws upon security and deception.
polyngaheriaschoguilogy = (pole-why-ing-ah-herial-schop-gui-epilog-way) ba being - makes a target a nature of mastery, study, schooling and deception.
maepolyng = (may-pole-why-ing) be being - makes the person into a nature that can make anything happen by will alone on an instance.
polyngabsorber = (pole-why-ing-absorber) bi being - makes a target into a being of nature from absobing.
ogypolyngod = (log-why-pole-why-ing-load) ce being - makes the target into a nature that derives power from study and oaths.
gaupolyngayru = (gaw-pole-lye-ing-lay-run) da being - makes the target into a nature that draws its power from law and police.
polydethyng = (pole-why-death-why-ing) de being - makes a target into a nature of death.
polyngece = (pole-why-ing-ee-cent) fa being - causes the target to be a nature of peace.
hemupolyngirn = (heem-you-pole-why-ing-birn) fe being - makes the target into a nature of iron oand metal manipulation.
fraypolyng = (fray-why-pole-ing) fi being - makes a target into a nature of a fighting power.
polynycyng = (pole-why-n-why-c-why-ng) fu being - makes a being that evolves the target into a nature of destruction.
polynguoe = (pole-lye-ing-woe) fy being - creates out of the target a nature that draws on disasters as its source.
sedapolystelerk-eyng = (sedan-pole-why-steal-merk) ga being - make a target into a nature that uses thieves and fame as its power while being a jack of all trades.
polyngkoubaz = (pole-why-ing-shade-bay-z-she-bay-z) ge being - makes the target into a nature that uses the working people as the source.
danepolyngwar = (dane-ee-pole-why-ing-war) gi soldier - makes the target into a nature of warfare.
kopolyng = (cope-pole-why-ing) go being - make a target into a nature of do force which causes a force of will that makes things happen.
froepolyng = (from-ee-pole-why-ing) gu being - creates the target into a nature of weapon mastery.
polyngylsidh = (pole-why-ing-why-l-sidh) gy being - creates the target into a faery nature.
nazipolyng = (nazi-pole-why-ing) ha being - forms the target into a nature of dedicated hate.
polyburnyng = (pole-why-burn-why-ing) he being - transformation of the target into a nature that uses destruction and fire.
dopolyng = (dope-pole-why-ing) hi being - make the target into a nature that uses drugs as its source.
jyapolyngremneruy = (j-lye-ape-pole-win-green-mn-near-guy) ho being - make a target into a nature that uses forgivance, convincing and rememberance.
crapolynguim = (crate-pole-why-ing-gui-m) hu being - makes a target into a nature of understanding and colors.
polybalyng = (pole-why-bale-why-lye-ing) hy being - makes the target into a nature of wild magic negativity.
creepolyngayru = (creepy-hole-why-ing-aye-run) la being = makes the target into a nature of devotion and law.
polyngokleninyc = (pole-why-ing-oak-lean-nine-why-g) le being - make the target into a nature of indestructible bending nature.
polyngfonpsi = (pole-why-ing-fone-psi) li being - make the person into a nature of information and telepathy.
amorepolynguelie = (a-more-ee-pole-why-ing-gruel-like-me) lo being - makes a target into a nature of love, relationship and emotion.
polynglur = (pole-why-ing-lure) lu being - makes the target a nature that lures people.
polynguil = (pole-lye-ing-guile) ly being - creates a nature that uses deceit.
polyngoblugacizrao = (pole-why-ing-goblet-huge-ace-size-rao) ma being - makes a nature of a target who uses mankind, action and competition.
mythinrue polymowyng = (myth-hint-rue pole-why-mow-why-ing) me being - makes the target into a nature of concern, personal, desire and power.
psipoly thinyng mowleng = (psi-pole-why thin-why-ing mow-length) mi being - creates a target into a nature of personal concern, telepathy and long distance.
polyngaa planityfel = (pole-why-ing-bazaar plant-pity-feel) mo being - makes a target into the nature of planning, time, feeling and concern.
polyngu-akoetauiq = (pole-why-ing-you lake-lone-get-taurus-iq) makes a target become the nature of eating, complaints, intelligence and ability.
polyryh felyng minrue = (pole-my-ryh feel-why-ing mine-rue-men) my being - transforms the target into the nature of owners, desires, empowerment and feelings.
polyngruenaeymn = (pole-why-ing-rue-nae-why-mn) na being - make a target become a source being of impossible and desirous nature.
ruepolyng = (rue-ee-pole-why-ing) ne being - become a nature of desirous need.
polyngliomis = (pole-why-ing-lion-miss) ni being - make a target into a nature of misinformation.
niimiyspolyng = (nii-mine-why-s-pole-why-ing) no being - makes a target into a nature of denial that can deny anything or dismiss anything.
polyzamyngphoenix = (pole-why-zam-why-ing-phoenix) nu being - makes a target into a nature of renewal and rebirth.
fyepolyngasertyl = (f-why-leap-pole-why-ing-assert-wile) ny being = makes a nature of wild magic, dismissal, and assertiveness.
polyngteopsisme = (pole-why-ing-teo-psi-smell) pa being - make the target into a nature of unique, telepathic, earth and smells.
polyngzimyt = (pole-why-ing-zink-mit) pe being - makes the target into a nature of working out and power.
polyngivyreapsi = (pole-why-ing-give-why-reaper-silo) pi being - makes a person into a nature of private investigation and psionic.
polynguopsimaepost = (pole-why-ing-you-hope-sin-may-ee-post) po being - makes the target into a nature of instance, shifting, mail and telepathy.
polynguilstyd p-ubraven = (pole-why-ing-guile-sty-d p you-brave-en) pu being - makes a target into a nature of stinks, disruption, revenge and deceit.
polyngylustraguilvec = (pole-why-ing-why-lust-rage-guile-vee-c) py being - makes a taget into a nature of wild abandon, wild magic, deceit and apalling.
spacpoltycompetyng = (space-pole-tye--compete--why-ing) qa being - makes the target into a nature able to manipulate space and time at whim while competing.
spacpoltyngency = (space-pole-tye-ing-hence-way) qe being - makes the target into a nature able to use space, time and value at whim.
spacpoltyngius = (space-pole-tye-ing-julius) qi being - makes the target into a nature able to manipulate space and time at whim.
spacpoltyngroutra = (space-pole-tye-ing-route-rad) qo being - makes the target into a nature able to manipulate space, time and tragection at a whim.
spacpoltyng crilagaz = (space-pole-tye-ing cries-lay-gaze) qu being - makes the target into a nature that is a dimensional judge.
spacpoltyngyl = (space-pole-tye-ing-why-l) qy being - makes the target into a nature able to manipulate space and time at whim.
polyngrfay = (pole-why-ing-r-fay) ra being = makes a target into a reverse nature of manipulation.
polyngrey = (pole-why-ing-rey-way) re being = makes a target into a reverse nature of redoing.
polybynyngr = (pole-why-bin-ing-r) ri being = makes a target into a reverse nature of prescientific making.
polydisipayngr = (pole-why-dice-apar-ing) ro - creates the target into a reverse nature of disappearance.
polyevanyngrsubt = (pole-why-eve-fane-why-ing-r-s-lube-t) ru - make a target into a reverse nature of subtractive undo.
polyngryl = (pole-why-ing-ril) ry being = makes a target into a reverse nature of wild magic.
polyngschapateu = (pole-why-ing-schale-pate-bleu) sa being - makes target into a nature of scholars, art and goals.
polyngyylselykoss = (pole-why-ing-aye-aye-l-seal-why-koss) se being - makes target into a nature of self, success, establishment and service.
polyngshup floschanaeder = (pole-why-ing-shup flow-schap-nay-dear) si being - makes target into a nature of silence, flow,scholar and absence.
polyngestis trujoeyli = (pole-why-ing-estimate-rise true-joe-why-like) so being - makes the target into a nature of doubt, disrespect, mystery and likeness.
polyngfuasuc studsmukiq = (pole-why-ing-fur-as-luck stud-smuck-iq) su being - makes the target into a nature of sex, sucks, suckers, geniouses and models.
polyngschayltyiq = (pole-why-ing-schal-why-sil-tye-iq) sy being - make a target into the nature of wild magic, time, genious and scholars.
polyngharz = (pole-why-ing-hare-z) ta being - makes a target into the nature of a terrorist.
polyconivynglenken = (pole-why-connive-why-in-glean-kean) te being - makes a target into the nature of a mastermind and conniver.
polyngfane tradoemyt = (pole-why-ing-fane-ee trade-boeng-mit) ti being - makes a target into a nature of intrigue, traitors and power.
polydelynglisuomyt = (pole-why-deal-why-ing-list-lure-our-mit) to being - make the target into a nature of listing, deals, power and instances.
polyngnua conguilgea = (pole-why-ing-nuance con-guile-geas) tu being - makes a target into a nature of unerstanding, deceit, cons and control.
polyngylaruuteufel = (pole-why-ing-wile-are-uu-teu-feel) ty being - makes the target into a nature of wild magic, devils and corruption.
polyngyshy-yulyshy = (pole-why-ing-why-shy why-july-shy) wa being - makes the target into a nature of activity, void, women and curiosity.
polyngy-yshylyue = (pole-why-ing-why wish-why-lye-embue) we being - makes the target into a nature of women, wish, excveptions and curiosity.
polyngintyshy = (pole-why-ing-pint-wish-why) wi being - makes the target into a nature of women, wish and intrigue,
polyngashyintuarya = (pole-why-ing-ash-why-int-you-are-why-a) wo being - makes the target into a nature of women, instinct, action and intent.
polyngeulapsevumyt = (pole-aye-ing-eulogy-apse-seve-boom-mit) wu being - makes the target into a nature of linguists, perception, power and understanding.
polyngshyshe-byl = (pole-why-ing-shy-she bil) wy being - makes the target into a nature of women, wishing, wild magic and focus.

Circle XIV (13)

femajik = (female-jike) antimagic ability makes a iron magic ability in the target or caster.
fegalenea = (fem-galen-sheath) create an instant sword of iron in hand.
fekui = (feel-k-quin) iron drain makes any bit of metal made of iron into a life drain on contact.
femex = (feel-mex) heat metal makes any metal hot enough to drop if carried or worn.
jiife = (jiir-fe) iron enchant enchants anything iron by thinking of the enchantment and touch the item.
fespher = (fee-shpere) sentry iron sphere - creates a sphere of iron that defends, drains, strengthens, rebuild anything and other things by the willed thought of the caster.
femajikle = (female-jike-ler) antimagic mastery makes an iron magic mastery in the target or caster.
febombe = (fee-bomb-eh) iron bomb makes a bomb effect of iron.
shuvix = (shoo-vix) crushing atmospere can knock anyone out in an area that the caster wants.
febrak = (fee-brake) break iron can break any sword or beam.
gaufe = (gaw-fer) iron guard - Allows for any metallic effect to be negated and the protected person unaffected. This also makes an effective seal.
polyfe = (pole-why-fe) iron transform makes the target into an iron like body.
feu-w = (feud w) iron skin makes the targets skin into iron like consistency.
dactofepoly = (dact-of-fee-pole-way) iron dragon transform - Makes any target of this spell into an iron dragon.
feyyriqoyr = (fey-aye-aye-rine-q-joy-r) iron golem animation - transforms anything of an iron construct into life.
purfe = (purr-fe) iron purification makes iron purified or purifies anything with an iron effect.
fepois = (fee-pois) iron poisoning creates a poisoning iron effect on the target.
maefylslutes = (may-file-sluth-these) make lead - Create lead anywhere you imagine the lead appearing.
neutafyl = (neut-tale-fill) neutralize lead poisoning - can neutralize any stupidy poising caused by lead handling.
fylpois = (file-poison) lead poisoning - can permenantly lower ones intelligence.
fylorhya = (fill-or-hye-ah) lead to gold - transform any lead to gold.
cipafylu-w = (fil-you w) lead skin - transforms the skin of the target into safe lead that cannot be pierced.
cipafylhya = (cipa-fill-hye-ah) safe lead creation - turns anything into safelead or makes it where you imagine it appearing.
yyriqoyrfyl = (w-why-rind-q-foyr-fill) lead golem animation - animate any lead construct with this spell to life.
liimajikikle = (liir-magic-pike-leh) lead metal magic mastery grants the target lead magic ability.
clairsliisafarmur = (clair-sliir-say-farmur) lead armour creation makes a undestroyable but very heavy suit of armour around the body and grants magic immunity.
liibombe = (liir-bomb-eh) lead bomb that detonates where the caster wants with a magic absorbing lead particle detonation.
froeshap = (from-e-shape) shapeshifting weapon - Creates a weapon in hand or grants a weapon the shapeshift ability. To use this focus on the weapon and feel it shift to the form you want.
metaiklemajik = (metai-kleve-magic) meta magic mastery creates in the target an ability to manipulate other magic as well as willed effects.
hemudheothru = (hemu-dheo-thru) pass thru metal - makes the targets body turn to mist at any attack or from any attack the person is unaffected.
x-rsyv = (x r-sye-v) x-ray vision - make the target have vision that can see through walls and people.
unio = (cosm-io) universal energy allows the target to do anything through focus of will.

Circle XV (14)

spefruugaefrutun = (speed-fruu-gael-fruit) fruit of life protection - Cast on a seed to plant or a growing plant to get an undying protective effect.
spegaefrutlagazun = (speed-gay-ee-fruit-lage-maze-lunar) fruit of knowledge - Makes the seed, tree or plant bear fruit of knowledge.
spegaemeditutreunsed = (speed-gay-ee-mead-light-you-treh) tree of life creation - Creates a tree from nothing and it grows rapidly in the spot ye think of that bears fruit of knowledge. This tree is unkillable.
spegaemitresedun = (speed-gay-ee-might-reseed-lune) seed of might - cast on a fruit seed or a tree to make it bear the fruit of a tree of might.
spebartregae = (speed-bare-tree-gay-eh) bare skeleton tree - cast on a dead tree or live tree creates the skeleton tree.
gaetuo = (gay-ee-to-oh) life turn - turns any source or person to support the person.
gaepolyng = (gay-ee-pole-aye-ing) life source - turn anything that is the target into a source of life.
zirsahniruigy = (zire-sahn-irate-you-nigh-why) supersahn transform - makes the person into a super being.
djunhol = (djun-hole) waterhole create - creates a spring of clear water by saying spell and imagining it appear.
djun = (djun) water spring - create gushing water spring in the are by imagining it appearing.
aquadhiu = (aqua-dhiu) waterfall - create an instant waterfall in a general area thought about.
aquar = (aqua-r) reverse waterflow - create an upward flowing water flow much like a upward waterfall by reversing the water flow.
forcica = (force-i-can) forest force - tie into the force of the living forest.
sfuwaricaforc = (s-fue-ware-sir-ca-force) primal forest - makes an ancient forest out of any area with trees or tie into the force of an primal forest.
polysfuwargod = (pole-aye-s-fue-war-gode) primal god transform - Make the target into a primal god.
dylogeb = (dye-low-geb) earth force - create a link to the earth as a force of energy.
meditudilythmaix = (mead-light-you-dile-lye-th-maix) power crystal create - Create a power crystal out of any crystal or substance. Be touching the stone or thinking on area to make it appear.
crysalislutesed = (cry-sale-list-slute-ee-seed) crystal seed - Creates seeds of crystal that can link you to other places when planted. Cast spell thinking of area in the ground and walk over it imagining yourself appearing in the place you want to go.
oklodub = (okl-node-dube) crystal recorder - Makes a crystal recording of any event without being detected. The crystal wearer or keeper can control it by thoughts alone.
okludub = (oklud-dube) spy recording - Makes a crystal or any other item into a recording device that is controlled by mental will.
ruyuwoesray = (rue-aye-luw-ow-bees-ray) ruby ray of desire - Think on effect desired on spell casting to get the effect.
dovunteyluo = (dove-lune-tea-why-l-you-oh) instant weld - combine two things together of any material quickly by holding together the materials and say the spell.
geblekayl = (geeb-bleek-aye-l) earth convince - make a person convinced to share info or do any favor.
tygebuo = (tye-geb-buoy) clandestiny - make an event by thinking on it when casting spell.
meditucemauniyl = (mead-light-you-cement-faun-i-why-l) universal glue - make two objects stick together which forms a bond that is unbreakable except to the universal solvent.
mucemauniyl = (mucous-seem-braun-i-wile) universal solvent - undoes the universal glue.
mitmyt = (might-mit) glove of might - forms at will on casting around the weapon hand to smite your foes. Will through the magical glove to beget any deadly effect done.

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