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The Charms, Spells, Hexes, and Curses of Harry Potter and High Magic

Use a wand or focus energy into the hand and focus the hand on casting

"accio": a summoning charm (i.e. accio firebolt)
"alohomora": a spell to unlock a door.
"aloha" = make person leave the premises of your area
"aparecium": a spell to make invisible ink appear
"Avis" a spell which fires birds out of the wand
"avifors" = make target into small birds
"avada kedavra": the killing curse, unblockable; one of the unforgivable curses.
"crucio": one of the unforgivable curses; makes victim suffer intense pain, can be ended when the wand is withdrawn
"Confundus" Charm Used to confuse opponent
"Conjunctivitis" Curse Damages opponents eyesight
"deletrius": a spell Mr. Diggory used to get rid of the dark mark but removes anything
"densaugeo": a spell to give buckteeth to the victim
"diffindo": a spell Harry used to split open Cedric’s bag or split seams.
"dissendium": a spell which opened a secret passage inside a statue.
"ennervate": a charm used to bring someone back into consciousness
"engorgio": a spell used by Moody to make a spider larger
"expecto patronum": a spell to guard you from the dementors by conjuring a patronus.
"expelliarmus": disarming show.
"ernunculus"a spell to cause a rash of boils to appear on the face of the victim
"ferula": a spell to create a sling or bandages
"fidelius" hides secrets within person.
"finite incantatem": a charm used by Snape to end commotion by students but ends spells.
"impedimenta" a spell to stop an enemy in his tracks
"imperio": one of the unforgivable curses. Forces victim to do whatever the source wants
"impervious": a magic spell Hermione put on Harry's glasses so they would repeal water during a quidditch match. It repels.
"locomoto mortis": spell for the leg-locker curse.
"lumos": a charm to light the end of a wand (acts as a flashlight).
"mobiliarbus": the magical way of moving objects.
"morsmordre": a spell used to cast the "Dark Mark"
"tempra": a spell to change the temperature. Feel the temperature to change it.
"transmutor"; a spell that trasmutes anything into gold.
"mobilicorpus": a spell that makes a person float as if they are being held up by invisible strings.
"nox": a charm used to turn out the light on your wand after you say "lumos".
"obliviate": memory charm used by Lockhart which backfires. memory charm
"Orchideous" - a spell which causes flowers to come out of the wand
"patronus totalus": a spell to create a patronus; one performs the spell while thinking happy thoughts.
"petrificus totalus": spell for the full body-bind, causing the subject to lie motionless (petrified).
"point me": a discovery of Hermione’s that makes the wand point due north
"Priori Incantato" - a spell which, when placed on a wand, causes the wand to identify the most recent spell that it performed
"Quietus" - the spell Bagman uses at the Quidditch World Cup to lower his voice
"reducio" - a spell which decreases the size of the victim
"reducto" - a spell which blasts solid objects out of your way
"Relashio" - grindylow defense spell; shoots sparks above ground & boiling water underwater
"reparo" - a repairing spell
"priori incantato" - a spell that causes a wand to perform its previous act of magic
"rictusempra" - a tickling charm.
"ridikulus": a charm to make a boggart take on characterstics of a person or object the sayer is thinking of.
"serpensortia": a charm used to summon snakes.
"commutatus serpensortia": a charm used to shift someone into snake form.
"translatio" = translate language.
"stupefy" = a charm used to immobilize someone
"neuro transfero" = a charm for language translation
"tarantallegra" = a dancing spell.
"waddiwasi" = a spell used by Lupin to send gum up Peeve's nose or unstick objects.
"wingardium leviosa" = a spell to make things fly.
"corrumpo" = anihilates the target.
"lumos solarum" = Bring bright sunlight.
"engorgio" = large feet.
"tripcio" = trips people
"Homorphus" lockhart's werewolf cure.
"Scruge" Destroys ectoplasm (remains of ghosts)
"transformus vampirus" = vampiric transformation
"inciso" = create scissors at wand tip
"imago" = create mirror
"pluvius" = rainstorm
"fluvius" = water stream from the wand
"dessicatio" = end rainstorm
"purgario" = cleaning charm
"anima tua; anima mea" = ghost compulsion
"anima tua" = release ghost
"a tempo" = go to normal speed
"mano suo" = hand
"lacerto suo" = upper arm
"bracchio suo" = whole arm
"tracheo suo" = neck
"passus est" = add at end to effect body part with pain
"hara kiri" = self-mutilation suicide
"reverso" = reverse actions
"inverso" = invert actions
"egami rorrim" = confusion attack
"frigidarium" = create ice
"mobilicorpi" = moves unconscious or stunned bodies
"enuma elish tiamat apsu" = create rift
"scourgify" = clean area
"locomotor (item)" = cause lift of item
"evanesco" = makes items vanish
"evanesce" = evaporate potion
"silencio" = silence something
"legilimens" = relive memory
"protego" = shield charm
"incarcerous" = rope binding
"flagrate" = x marks the spot
"colloportus" = door seal
"portus" = make item portal key

Added by Spellhawk

"accede" = make someone give in to your will.
"accio taura" = use with accio to make an earth ball effect while thinking on the effect
"accio Liquentis" = use with accio to make a lava ball effect while thinking on the effect
"accio pyro" = use with accio to make a fire ball effect while thinking on the effect
"accio hydro" = use with accio to make a water ball effect while thinking on the effect
"accio cyro" = use with accio to make an ice ball effect while thinking on the effect
"accio aero" = use with accio to make an air ball effect while thinking on the effect
"accio thundora" = use with accio to make an air / thunder strike while thinking on the effect
"accio neuro" = use with accio to make a mental attack or effect while thinking on the effect
"accio voidus" = use with accio to make a void effect while thinking on the effect
"accio pyro" = use with accio to make a black fire effect while thinking on the effect
"accio voidus cyro" = use with accio to make a black ice effect while thinking on the effect
"accio voidus aero" = use space while thinking on the effect
"accio lepre" = summon a leprecaan and be wary
"accio djin" = summon a djinni
"accio fey" = summon a faery but be wary
"accio carpo" = summon animals, think of the animals to summon
"accio animus" = summon ghost by thinking of the ghost
"animus" = make a spirit do what you want
"Inversio taura" = use faery earth while thinking on the effect
"Inversio Liquentis" = use a faery lava while thinking on the effect
"Inversio pyro" = use faery fire while thinking on the effect
"Inversio hydro" = use fairy water while thinking on the effect
"Inversio cyro" = use fairy ice while thinking on the effect
"Inversio aero" = use fairy air while thinking on the effect
"magicus" = make a magick effect while thinking on the effect
"penetro" = make an object or effect passthrough anything
"penetro commutatus" = make a change to someone or something while it passes through while thinking on the effect
"commutatus" = make an effect change while thinking on the effect
"potus" = energy absorbtion water effect
"potus abfabricatio" = make an event as if it had already been done and drain something
"abfabricatio" = make an event while thinking on it and it will be as if the event had already happened
"iniquus" = make an conflicting event while thinking on the effect
"medicatus" = charm someone
"medicatus mutus" = to charm a person into mutation
"mutus" = mutation effect, think of the effect or say the form after
"moderatus" = control someone or something
"moderatus enervatus" = mental domination
"ennervatus" = domination of anything
"maleficus" = create an evil efect while thinking on the effect
"occultatio" = conceal from sight anything
"occultatio simulo" = clone your body without notice
"simulo" = clone your body or an object
"exhaurio" = drain away energy from something or someone
"exhaurio aspectus" = remove illusion
"aspectus" = make illusion while thinking on what you want seen
"subduco" = invisibity
"opacus" = call a shadow to your service
"opacus reductio" = restore a shadow
"reductio" = create a restoration flame that restore dark creatures including shadow
"solidus" = create a substance that you imagine taking form into something
"solidus integumentum" = create a substance that cloaks your body or an object with shadow
"integumentum" = cloak yourself or anything else with shadows as if invisible
"interruptus" = interrupt spellcasting of opponent with this wish
"incendio" = great fire attack
"caecus" = create a darkness or lightless area
"genero" = resurrect or heal person
"genero elevo" = heal with light and life magics
"elevo" = create a floating light in the air
"facio" = energize water and or heal and make resistance
"facio incalfacio" = make heat in the area that heals
"incalfalcio" = heat area for warth
"apricatio" = create unnatural sunlight out of your minds eye
"chao" = make a chaotic effect happen by thinking on it
"chao disturbatio" = make a chaotic destruction lava that kills people or objects in its path and warps them
"disturbatio" = create a very destructive fireball that makes double the damage of a normal fireball
"maledico" = turn someone destructive and against him/herself
"maledico incursio" = abuse of the mind and mental blows rain down on the person
"incursio" = make someone feel mental strikes until the spell expires or kills them
"concertatio" = make an event that is disaster for the person happen
"efficio" = enchant an item or object while thinking the property.tat you want
"efficio descriptio" = create a power item of an object as a copy
"descriptio" = copy an object to make another object
"imago" = mirror image.think the number and person or object
"imago communio" = create an object perfectly like another
"communio" = share an items or persons properties while thinking og the target to share with
"imitatio" = create a simaelcrum of yourself or a perfect other you.
"appono" = make a glamour that hides an object or person
"appono multus"= make a near permenant glamour
"multus" = energize an item or person to make it stronger
"comformo" = adaptation to any event
"comformo efficio" = make an efect that other people will accept as normal
"cancelitus"; A spell that cancels all spells the victim had done.
"elope" = to make a meeting happen that you wanted.
"effectus" = make effects that are imagined by yourself
"shearus" = cut anything that is cuttable say what to cut.
"adigo" = manipulate energy by imagining it
"caecus" = make something unseen or invisible to the eye
"caecus retexo" = remove an event or person unseen
"retexo" = reverse a moment or spell
"fabricatio" = undoing an event or person aqs if it never happened
"fabricatio redeo" = making an event that is imagined come to pass
"redeo" = use nothing energy for an action
"malus" = control negative energies
"ferreus" = manipulate iron magic or antimagic
"ferreus aevus" = control time by imagination yeilding antimagic or iron magic
"aevus" = manipulate time through imagination
"accelero aevus" = speed spell
"tardius aevus" = slow spell
"necro" = cause death or manipulate death magic
"necro cedo" = make zombies, skeletons, shades, or liches with this spell
"cedo" = make a change of direction for someone
"obliquus" = manipulate by indirect actions
"pestis" = create pestilence in anything you imagine
"tabes" = create disease in anything you imagine
"visus" = grant vision
"voidus visus" = grant black vision
"animus visus" = see into the person's soul
"Inversio visus" = grant magical sight
"iniquus visus" = grant psychic vision
"maleficus visus" = grant demonic vision
"subduco visus" = grant night vision
"caecus visus" = grant the vision of a shadow
"aprecatio visus" = see by starlight or grant it
"concertatio visus" = see violent visions or grant it
"imitatio visus" = grant illusionous sight
"adigo visus" = grant sight of forces
"malus visus" = grant sightless sight
"obliquus visus" = grant other sight
"ancile" = make shield
"neuro ancile" = make mind shield
"voidus ancile" = make reversed shield
"animus ancile" = make aura shield
"Inversio Ancile" = make inverted shield
"iniquus ancile" = make adverted shield
"maleficus ancile" = make manipulation shield
"subduco ancile" = make concealed illusion shield
"caecus ancile" = make shadow shield
"aprecatio ancile" = make sunlight shield
"concertatio ancile" = make strife shield that strikes at people
"contorto" = make person with body wracks
"imitatio ancile" = make illusionious sharing shield
"adigo ancile" = make force shield
"malus ancile" = make negative force shield
"obliquus ancile" = make time shield
"neuro aevus" = manipulate mental time
"voidus aevus" = manipulate reversed time
"animus aevus" = manipulate spirit time
"Inversio aevus" = manipulate inverted time
"iniquus aevus" = manipulate momentary time
"maleficus Aevus" = manipulate time
"subduco aevus" = move without a sound and in a time spere of concealment
"caecus aevus" = use dark restorative time
"aprecatio aevus" = use positive time
"concertatio aevus" = use chaotic time
"imitatio aevus" = use sharing time
"adigo aevus" = manipulate adaptive time
"Infinitio" = extend spells time length or persons lifetime
"dominus" = become a master of anything.
"blueball flames" = a blue ball of flames.
"aclapola forwardeo" = Ages to number you mention after.
"backwardeo" = Move time backwards.
"isa" = time stop
"continua" = makes moment continue after a time stop
"continuus" = makes moment unstopping or keeps a spell working.
"isa continuus" = makes unstopping moment stopped.
"forwardeo" = move time forwards through imagination.
"rewindillo" = add to spell to undo.
"changelio into dogelio"; changes a person into dog.
"scalio" = with left wand flick turns anything into lizard of desired sort
"agro" = with right flick returns lizard into object
"flippendo" = knockback
"un" = put in front of a spell word and said like that will make the spell unweave itself.
"sui" = puts the victim in a panic and suicidal.
"hara kri" = suicide spell that kills in the end created by niarah riddle
"supultra" = blood into fire thhhat kills in the end created by niarah riddle.
"multus avis" = sending images to another. Think of the person and then the vision and say the words.
"Formus" = form a being from your own force to serve as your servants.
"sayso" = everything the victim reads they do to themselves.
"interruptus" = make an instantaneous action moment that you feel and imagine the event of
"dement" = make a person demented with dementia and then dead from it
"schitzo" = make a person schitzophrenic
"contolley" = control a dragon
"dissolvo" = think of the problem while saying this word and problem will go away.
"orcus porcus" = make person overeat and gain weight til death.
"maniac" = make person maniacal for the duration until dispelled
"colidus" = creates a collisive effect on anything.
"beluosus" = summon monster to aid you
"ago" = summon animal of your choice. think of the animal on casting
"casus" = creates a spring of water
"cleanus" = cleans the body and many other things
"stup" = makes the person stupid
"anima defendus" = makes anything animate or plant including trees become an animated defender
"whumpus" = makes the person beatable.
"transforma" = makes a person into another shape that ye imagine them transform into.
"treant transforma" = makes a victim into a treeman
"incess" = makes a unceasable spell dissipate such as unforgivables
"immaculate" = makes the person unkillable and indestructable
"magus" = enchants any object as you desire
"corpul" = animate dead
"spherio" = makes rocks explode when thrown.
"stupijinx"; a charm that causes stupidity in a person.
"intellijinx"; a charm that causes intelligence.
"highjinx"; a charm that jinxes a person with a Gods aid.
"abra kedavra" = kill magic in victim.
"corpus kedavra" = make undead of your choice
"unkedava" = remove death
"avra kedavra" = make the dead speak or a body respond to questions
"avadra kedavra" = control spirits.
"dentio reparo" - a spell to repair teeth.
"aegrotatio reparo" - a spell to repair and heal.
"putre"; a charm that makes a stinking cloud.
"expurgo"; a charm that purifies metals and removes stinking cloud.
"roacheous" = create or control roaches anywhere.
"demon" = call a demon to serve your needs.
"abacus impecus" = create a time machine
"abacus" = create a thought computer

Created by Shadow Yomasu

"luminera" = create a light that is shot out of the wand.
"articulon" = freezes an item or person
"silencion" = silences the victim.
"renecle invisilis" = makes invisible the person
"testio" = tests a wands ability.
"rye" = flips an item or person
"dunium" = makes a person dumb
"illunion" = makes an illusion. the person must say what the illusion is.
"rendemsey" = makes an anima shoot out of a wand.
"orlatez" = kills the victim.
"eklor hudan" = heals the victim
"wargalile" = calls the help of theperson named after
"erolash tiv" = cuts thin things.
"reneflet claton" = reflects spells
"estunep ooezat" = turns the person to stone
"delevinafy" = destroys any barrier.
"cronasis" = puts a person to sleep
"tono flamarin" = shoots powerful flames with every flick of the wand.

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