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Corruption Elements:

Corruption earth is Knowledge. This is the root of all corruption. The other name is power of corruption. To use this power is to control or guide those not knowing. To find knowledge is a harrowing task.

Corruption lava is Greedy Knowledge lava. This lava will bring fire to the power of control. Corruption lava will make most people do anything to gain the grasp of power. The information pull s them in and makes the pull undeniable. People will always want more. Sometimes the person will go to great lengths.

Corruption fire is Greed. The fire of greed is the moving force of change behind the corruption. To know is to find power. The power of controlling is another nature.

Corruption firewater is Corrupt Greed. This firewater is known for corruption by luring the enticed to an end designed by somone else. Thus the person becomes a puppet by lies, truthes, deceit and falsehood. The ideas of face are based off this which is false
honor. Another name is falsehood firewater.

Corruption water is Corruption and can make two forms of itself known in two ways. Physical and Inphysical. The physical is actual corrupted water and the inphysical is the need for protecting and craving more for yourself. This is represented in politics very well. With water of corruption come disease and pestilence as in physical manifestation.

Corruption ice is the ice of corrupted control and will make people wonder why they sought power in the first place. This is the power of gluttony. One must watch for this or suffer the price. The price is the loss of control and the consequence is not knowing anything.

Corruption air is the Control Air. This is the power of control by knowledge and skill gained. It is knowing that you can do things. This control will give you self-esteem of mind. Another name is mastery.

Lightning from air of control is the lightning that will control others by mastering them. Lightning from this is Control air and Energy fire.

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