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Dark Elements

 Space and Earth is Dark Earth and is the Shadow element. Shadow can drain on touch or at a distance and is a live force given power by earth. Shadow can remove things without notice and it would seem like it was never there. You can move with shadow and go places or see with shadow. A shadow attack is always ended in death. Shadows prefer dark places.
 Shadow Restoration Lava is the lava that sends draining shadows with strengthens dark beings while it burns with heat. Dark Lava is black in color and has no heat except that in which the person thinks it has. It has no substance.

 Restoration flame is Dark Fire and is truly amazing to see. Dark Fire is seen as a black flame without any substance. It supports shadows and strengthens people who use shadow. The flame itself doesn't actually exist on this plane of existence but in the shadow realm itself. It regenerates the dark beings that include liches, shades, shadows and dark mages. This element will give peace to the one who looks upon it.

 Restoration Substance firewater is the firewater that restores substance. Even if its destroyed it restores itself. This firewater if used to create with will become self-restorative of itself. Another name regenerative materia.

 Substance water is Dark Water. With dark water one can make anything that is imagined. It keeps its form however long the wielder wants. It can keep on reforming until it disappates in the sun. It cannot be in direct sunlight unless formed into a shape. It is strengthened by darkness and Dark Flame. Dark Flame will kill those of good alignment.

 Substance Cloaking Ice is the ice that can cloak the person even in sunlight. One drink with this ice will make the person unseen.

 Cloaking air is the Dark Air. This air will cloak any person or object that the caster desires. The cloak literally drapes the person or object in shadow until they aren't seen. Thus the shadow cloak will last in dark dark places and sheltered areas. Sunlight will disappate it.

 The lightning formed from this air will be hidden and kill on sight. It comes from the Cloaking air and Energy fire.

 Dark is the element of darkness and represents all the Dark elements. Thus it is nightfall that can allow for shadows to exist. When Dark is used it is undetectable and the choice element of magic users.

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