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Hyper Elements

 Inductive earth is suction that pulls things toward or away from you. This allows for hydraulics and air suction to happen as it causes the sucking force that allows it by varioous means. Including shifts of subatomical particles to cause suction. Electrical flow is negative to positive and will make most appliances work plus is a Electrical engineerist viewpoint. Another name is suction force or induction.

Hyper Inductive lava is subatomical energy flow. Hyper inductive lava introduces new elements to an area thru atomic displacement. This causes power to flow through lines or electrical discharge to the human body. Electricity flows thru lines of pliant (shapeable) metal by focus of subatomical particles to shift forward by negative atomic valence movement. Also probable is the persons movent of displacement as eplained by einsteins law of gravity (E=MC Squared) that means a person moves forward displacing subatomic particles to flow around said person or airstreamed to be behind them thus the person moves forward. The atomic bomb is a good example of this as it proves what happens when you split the atom by hyper inductivity. A hyper inductive energy field will effect an abnormal growth of size shape or tissue by cause of the cells taken new energy in as fuel and inducement of growth mutation. This can be called gravity or energy.

Hyper fire is subatomic fire that allows for subatomic particle interchange. Like the mathematics for algebraic number replacement that switches equal numbers through an equation. This allows for the particles smaller than an atom to produce heat thru activity or moment particle placement causing gravity suction. Another name is particle heat.

Hyper intro firewater is subatomic away flow that streams away from you. Hyper intro energy can make something flow backwards including time as this energry flows backwards while it flows away causing changes through replacement effect. Heat exchanges of subatomical particles are cold heat that is below zero cuz the flow away reverts as it flows. You could stand seeing an event happen before your eyes backwards while this energy interacts. Events could flow forward too with future consequence making time flow. Another time events.

Introductive water is flow away push that allows for things to be pushed away. This flow away from yourself makes easy tranlocation somewhere else cuz the current will drag an object or person with it. Introductive water will also cause shrinkage as it will take energy away from the live person or subject to cause conservation of the cell making it shrink. Positive to negative electrical flow will occur by this introductive energy field supported by phycisists. You can weaken the subject effected with this energy field as well as other things. Another name is weakening firld.

Phase shift ice allows the body to be able to phase to other existences or place things in storage This being true makes it possible for physical shifts of person or object cuz the subatomical particles flow away while it induces a shift of said target. Thus the object or human is temporarily not there yet is there in a different form. So this force can preserve things or move things to other places from within to without as it effects from within to effect the whole thing. Another name is phase out.

Inducement air is shift air that makes objects or people phase to another place or form. This air is pure concentrated effect force that works with both induction and introduction forces to create the phase effect. Phasic effect fields are instant shift at someones will or a machines energy manipulation by various ways to various effects. It can displace people or objects to any other place or form cuz of induction or introduction fields. Another effect is to create effect fields in any area or of anything such as images or air conditioning. Another name is inducement force.

Phase lightning is heat lightning that allows for people to move outta existence. This lightning is the force which is energy allowing the shift to occur phasing out things from existance. Focused subatomical effect force is represented by this lightning as it builds on an target to causethe phase out.

Hyperforce is the hyper energy forces that allow for most object or people interactivity plus it makes things manipulatable. It has the possibility to be called gravity effects or teleportation plus other things and this is the hyper forces combined to makes the bend in matter occur that effects time.

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