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Language Elements

Understanding is the language earth. This forms the basis of all languages and makes intelligence possible. What makes this work is information. Gathered information makes ideas flow and understanding fluent. This element can be called intelligence.

Transition is the language lava. Understanding projection is the alternate name and this element rules transition of state. Any language must be trnsitioned to where it is percieved. This is using understood knowledge and a projected message to get across your meaning.

Projection is the language fire. When projection happens one sends his thoughts in the form of a message. Thus thought projection is immediately understood by the mind. There is also image projection that makes its presence known only to the intended person or group. This is also called telepathy.

Reaction is the language firewater. This is where the reaction on the projected message through translation water to make the message transferred. There are several obstacles along the way to reach its destination. These are distractions and blockers and can be overcome. Another name is the medium.

Translation is the language water. Translation effects through understanding the given and known information. One who understands the information that is there is on top of the moment. This is also the information element.

Perception is the language ice. How one percieves the message is how one reacts to it. There are several distractions depending on circumstance of the message. Thus its not always recieved. This uses Translation and Communication.

Communication is the language air. The act of getting understood by those you speak with. There are two parts of it. Sending and recieving. One sends a message and one recieves it. A medium is always used to send the message and there will be distractions from that message. Making it possible to miss the message. This is also called the speaking element.

Message is the language lightning. This lightning is the act of getting a message understood through distractions. Communication is a part of this and so are the rest of these elements in this group. This lightning will burn to get attention then deliver its impact as its main meaning through various means.

Language is all the elements in this group put together. Making things understood between two people or an audience. This is assured as an thing people express for understanding, This also used for socializing.

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