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What the elements are-
 The elements are an observance of all the elements together plus when you see them in action they are amazing to see. Where do they come from? The elements come from aether. Aether manipulates the void and came from a long time ago.

 The age where a supposed people called the Centra or creators were around as they created aether as a force to be manipulated by minds that were interconnected across the galaxy. Then they created the worlds with the elements formed from aether and somewhere in midst of creation thier bodies got consumed by the energy used and turned into the force called Ether. This is the spiritual force and the backing of Aether (mental force) that guides all by being the "spirit that goes thru everything" as in the book "the way of the scout" by tom brown as he describes it as a spiritual force that effects all with spirit. After the dissipation of the creators bodies they were just the energies that support and monitor the universe plus some Centra remained as the form they chose guiding thier creations thus they became part of the gods. Then to better watch for the peoples populating the worlds they made vessels for the power they had. Call them Avatars and and the avatars are morally the same as the gods themselves. Some Gods came about by the people of the planets scheming or beliefs of the people tho, so not all God's formed the same. The
creators mostly hide themselves as they dun want to be bothered most of the time.

 Now, the Centra do not have blood. Instead they were composed of Ether and Aether. Being this, they were able to control Cosmeria to a higher level, using their own body as fuel and forming the body as they want. Though even then Cosmeria was highly volatile to them, and in attempts to protect themselves from it they divided into two tribes, Ether and Aether, and with it the secrets of Cosmeria were divided. The Ether tribe focused on Ether and the mind while the Aether tribe focused on Aether and technology. Seperate they could not use the opposite's element/substance, but atleast Cosmeria was unattainable now. Sadly, as time grew by they descriminated against eachother, one claiming that their tribe was superior. This finally led to a war that destroyed their existance, for most of them at least.

 There are positive elements drawn from earth and the negative elements drawn from void. There are also the inverse fairy earth properties from magic and the adversity elements from events. Manipulation elements are drawn from hell plus stealth elements come from the night. The dark elements come from the shadow. Light elements come from light fire and the strife elements come from destruction. Imitation elements come from the power around us plus additive elements come from the positive energies. Subtraction elements come from the Dark Matter and the indirect elements come from the iron itself. Corruption elements come from knowledge corruption where divertive elements come from power manipulation. Vision elements come from the third eye power and protective elements come from power of law. Language elements come from actions and needs of others. Hyper elements come come the particles and Wild elements come from raw force plus the elemental combinations are interesting to watch and to use.

 How do you yield them? There are two methods, the Forcecraft method and the latin spells described at the end of the doc. The forcecraft method is to think of what the element does and imagine it accomplishing something that you want with you in that focus and this focuses it through you plus the element will repeat the event. This also can be called elemental spelling as it uses the power of mind that makes itself felt as a force effect. An example for furcadia is: to type without quotes ":makes an icy cold wind blow through the area by air." This is a further implication called making. Making is the combination of focus and imagination. This is for advanced people only and can only be achieved if you do the focus and imagination at the same time. Another example of this is: to type without quotes ":makes a warmth of faery fire refresh the room."

 There is additional latin spells at this elements document end and to use these spells think of the purpose for the spell to focus the effect. Then feeling in yourself the need and your feelings to make your desire happen. This is called feeling with your gut and feel with your gut each spell word repeating the spell if needed as the spell must be done with intent to happen or it wun happen. Egypytian Forcecraft and Elvish spells near the end of the list plus Hary potter spells at the very end of the list. You know the method, now you must know the elements and listed below are what I understand of them.

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