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Positive elements are:

 The element of earth is that of life. It can grant life, morph items or people, take life, heal or wield life like control. In granting life, it creates it anew through destructive action or gives it through infusion. Morphing item or people with earth infuses the target with energy charged by the workers purpose through imagination of changing the shape of the target. Wielding life, earth can make
an infusion to do as the worker imagines. Earth is for the body.  

Fire and Earth make lava. Lava is in essence melted rock and at a temperature of 400 degrees kelvin or hotter. It can melt most metals and it will burn a forest near a volcano as it leaks from the volcano itself only to reform into hard ground. It forms in the earth from tectonic plates that support the continents as they collide together in the earth forming volcanoes or sea rifts.

 The fire element is the element that gives life or takes life destructively and is the life around us. It gives life by forcing you to move on when it destroys your old life in some manner or form. Also it can give life by the healing act of the worker targeting only the disease cells with fire. Causing the body to cope by healing quicker. Fire takes life by burning the intended victim on focus of the worker. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger as a person. It can heat up places to warm you. Healing with fire heals open wounds. Fire is for the soul.
It finally is light

 Fire water is very hot to the tongue. It can burn the tongue as it enters the throat. Firewater takes a medium to separate the water and the fire. Such as a hot substance and the water combined with a powder as carrier medium. Another idea is to use liquid as the carrier for the hot substance. A light film of oil on top of the water allows it to mix and coats the substance. Examples are greek fire, hot sauce in water or others.

 Water can heal people, overcome things, or change things. Healing with water can happen on infusion of energy with the thought of rapid regeneration for 5 minutes at a drink. Any other thought is also enacted. Your thought becomes the water's actions to the body. It can overcome things by being in a large enough body of movement, like a tidal wave. Water can change things with an infusion of
energy into water while someone imagines what they want to happen. Water is for the heart.

 Ice comes from air flowing around water. Ice can form from the air through the water particles with imagination. This is Detruction by air itself.

 Air can choke, destroy, enforce, or change things. Air choking is the act of the worker to close air in a circle around a person's throat. This is also called collaring. Air enforcement Only the worker can dispel his/her shield or attack of black lightning. is the act of the worker to create a wall by imagination or to cause yourself to float in the air by air itself through imagination. How does air change things? Air can change things by the worker using it as a medium in thier acts to influence moments. Finally air can be used as a mass spread medium. Air is for the mind.

 Thunder be the energy destruction form of air is formed by Energy fire and Air. This lightning is destructive as it can blast things in area.

 Aether is the element of the mind in which all you do is focus enough and what you imagine happens. The effect of the aether is to affect or influence other elements. When the element is called you can form any object by imagination of it forming. This is its compressed form. Otherwise the more you focus on an idea the more chance of it happening. Aether can influence void. Finally, aether can influence
the other elements.

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